Apple And Samsung Return To Court For The Second Time Over Longstanding Patent Dispute

Apple and Samsung have been going at each other over the alleged misuse of Apple’s patents by Samsung. Two years ago, the US court granted Apple victory but now both the companies are back again in court arguing over a fresh round of patents and the phones that Samsung has sold in the mean time.Here’s is the look at the stands that both companies are taking for this legal battle. 1. Apple: Apple...
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App Prices Are Set To Increase On The iTunes App Store For India

Apple has announced that it will be increasing the pricing of apps and other related content on in its iTunes App Store in India and other markets like Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa etc. This is being done because of the price fluctuation in currencies in these markets. These changes are going to be effective immediately and will probably show up today.Apple says that it routinely changes...
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Unexplored iOS 7 Features Used By FireChat Allows Instant Messaging Without Internet Connectivity

A new iOS 7 app, FireChat is being eagerly downloaded from Apple’s App Store as it allows instant messaging between phones without the need of a Data Pack or raking-up SMS charges too.The FireChat app has already become very popular, but its backend framework wasn’t possible until the latest iOS Operating System, iOS 7 was released. FireChat makes use of the Multipeer Connectivity Framework and...
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Apple Exploring Possibility Of Launching iTunes On Android

Apple Inc. is apparently contemplating an Android compatible version of its iTunes platform, specifically for streaming music.The company seems to be anxious to arrest the diminishing usage of the same on its own iOS ecosystem. In addition to the expansion, the company may even launch an on-demand music streaming service for its own platform. Why is Apple willing to explore Android? It is quite clear...
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John Scully To Introduce New Brand Of Smartphones Starting With India

John Scully has chosen to debut his smartphone brand ‘Obi’ in India next month.Former Apple CEO John Scully has decided to venture out on his own and has been developing a new brand of smartphones. He has envisioned expanding his company’s IT and telecom distribution business to $1 billion in two years. Accordingly, he has chosen India as the first destination that his company will setup...
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Apple To Launch Small Stores In Tier II & III Cities In India

Apple is going the extra mile to increase its market share in India which is currently dominated by Samsung. The company is planning to set up Apple exclusive stores in small towns and cities of the country. These stores will reportedly be set up in Pune, Vishakhapatnam, Guwahati, Durgapur and Gangtok, as per the Economic Times report. The shops will be set up by Apple distributors Redington and Ingram...
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Apple Has Released iOS 7.1 With UI Tweaks, Bug Fixes And Carplay

The first update to iOS 7 is now available. This is a long anticipated update which attempts to fix certain bugs and add some UI tweaks to the operating system in addition to support for Carplay, Apple’s recently launched car integration feature for iOS.UI Tweaks: Most of the UI tweaks that ship with this update are minor. The focus in now on rounded buttons instead of the curved rectangular ones...
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Samsung Forays Into Internet Radio With ‘Milk Music’ For Galaxy Devices

Samsung has entered the already crowded music streaming market with its own music app. Dubbed as ‘Milk Music’, the free internet radio service is only available for Samsung Galaxy devices. Milk offers access to some 200 genre-based stations and 13 million songs, as well as the ability to launch custom stations based on artists or songs. Powered by Slacker Radio Streaming Service, the...
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Apple Most Popular Brand in Emerging Markets Including India

Android may be the dominant OS in the emerging markets, but according to a new study Apple is the most desirable brand. A survey by Upstream and Ovum revealed that Apple is the top most coveted brand when it comes to buyers in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam.In a survey of 4,500 consumers in the aforementioned countries, 32 per cent respondents said that they wanted an Apple device, while...
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Apple Has Launched A Two Week Trial Offer For iPhones In India

Apple is trying new strategies in order to drive the sales of their iPhones in the country. Previously, it had tied up with Reliance Communications to provide a contract plan for the iPhone 5. Now, the company has announced a two week trial offer for all iPhones being sold in the country.This new offer lets customers try an iPhone for a maximum of two weeks before returning it. It seems to be betting...
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