Google Expands Android Security With Update To Verify Apps Feature

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Google has announced that it is adding another security layer to Android which will verify apps installed on OS continuously. Apps are the new playground for malicious individuals and Android has had instances of vulnerability due to the sheer number of Android apps that were popping up till last year because of the somewhat lax nature of Google’s app verification process after a developers sends...
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Dropbox Brings Mailbox To Android And Launches Carousel

Dropbox has finally launched its popular email app Mailbox on Android. Mailbox which debuted on iOS last year was widely praised for improving our current state of email overload and getting users to reach the previously mythical state of Inbox Zero. Dropbox has told users that an Android app was in the works and today’s launch shows how committed Dropbox is towards building digital products instead...
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Facebook Will Remove In-App Chat For Both iOS And Android Apps

Facebook has announced that it will be removing the messaging feature from its main mobile app on both iOS and Android. The company is going this to get people to use Facebook Messenger on these platforms. When you think of it, the messages feature on the main Facebook app was pretty redundant.. when the company released Messenger. Removing this redundancy is good and moreover, Facebook Messenger is...
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Google’s Project Ara Has Made Significant Progress On Modular Smartphones

Google’s Project Ara aims to build the world’s first modular smartphone. By baking in modularity right into the design of their new phone, the company hopes to give users the ultimate choice when it comes to deciding what hardware specs they would want on their phones.When Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo, it did keep its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) out of the deal. ATAP is now...
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Apple And Samsung Return To Court For The Second Time Over Longstanding Patent Dispute

Apple and Samsung have been going at each other over the alleged misuse of Apple’s patents by Samsung. Two years ago, the US court granted Apple victory but now both the companies are back again in court arguing over a fresh round of patents and the phones that Samsung has sold in the mean time.Here’s is the look at the stands that both companies are taking for this legal battle. 1. Apple: Apple...
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Android KitKat Adoption Doubles, Reaches 5% Of All Android Installs

Google has released Android distribution data collected during a 7-day period ending on April 1, 2014. Android KitKat 4.4 usage has more than doubled its share of active installs in only a month. The latest iteration from Google is now active on 5.3% of all Android devices as compared to mere 2.2%  in March. Android Jelly Bean 4.2 has registered a small decline to 61.4% from a flat 62.0%, as...
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BBM Updates Android & iOS App With Stickers, Large File Transfers And More

BBM which recently crossed 85 million monthly active users is finding more ways to attract users. Today, the dedicated mobile messenger from Blackberry has received an update  on Android and iOS  that adds support for stickers and sending large files. Stickers which were in limited beta last month lets you download a variety of packs right inside the app from the BBM Shop. Each pack contains between...
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Google Makes ‘Powered By Android’ Logo Mandatory On Boot

There were rumors last week about Google wanting to rein in OEMs who have tried hard to distance themselves from Google when it comes Android. While they do use Android, they have made many cosmetic changes with the UI which results in the ultimate UI not looking much like Android at all. Even though this it completely legal, Google is not happy about this because OEMs are not explicitly letting users...
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Microsoft’s Office Mobile Is Free To Use On Android

Microsoft launched their Office Mobile app for Android in India last year. While it was free to download for any Android user, it did require a valid Office 365 account to create and view documents. Besides having the ability to open and edit Office documents (Word, Excel), it could access and edit files from OneDrive.Now, the company has announced that Office Mobile no longer requires an Office...
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Coursera Has Launched An Android App

Coursera, one of the first and significant companies to have pioneered the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), has announced the launch of its Android app. This comes three months after the service launched an iOS app.Users can now take classes and do assignments straight from their mobiles and tablets. Before this, users had to take recourse to their laptops and that would undoubtedly mean that you...
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