Notion Ink Rolls Out Safety App ‘imShakti’ For Android

Notion Ink has launched a safety enhancing mobile application ‘imShakti’ which assists users in emergency situations. On pressing the Power button of your smartphone 5 times in quick succession within 2 seconds, imShakti will send users’ location as default message to their listed emergency contact at that time and convey that the user is in need. Users have to set some emergency contacts...
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Facebook Tests TV-like Auto-Play Mobile Videos

In a development that could translate into a grand opportunity for marketers and Facebook, auto-play videos are being tested for the Facebook application on mobile. The social network giant reports that the new auto-play feature will be available only for the videos uploaded and posted by individual users, celebrities and musicians. The new feature will be available for Google’s Android operating...
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Goibibo Ushers Bus Booking App For iOS

Online travel aggregator Goibibo has launched bus booking app for iOS six months after launching the same app on Android in March. The app enables users to search and book bus tickets. As soon as the app is opened, users have to select the bus option from the home screen. In order to book a ticket, a user has to select the bus type from filters (AC/ Sleeper) and add destination (from-to), date,...
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Phablets Are Becoming More Popular, Likely To Claim The Tablet Market In India

Technological changes have been much more rapid in the past 10 years, as compared to the last 5o years. The result is that existing technology is displaced by a new technology and the market forces shift in the favor of it. We saw it when the laptop displaced the PC in terms of sales in late nineties and early 2000s. We also came across that phenomenon when tablets ate away the PC business and pushed...
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Mobile App Citizen COP Could Boost Voluntary Crime Reporting

Though presently launched in Madhya Pradesh, the Smartphone Mobile App Citizen COP could revolutionize the way crimes are reported. Designed to be more of a Distress App, the Citizen COP allows sending out Distress Call to relevant authorities. Police Department of Madhya Pradesh has taken initiative to accept complaints launched via a simple smartphone app. Though Indians already have the option...
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Top 4 Free Music Apps For Android: Pump Up The Volume

I believe music is one of the most beloved feature of a smartphone. Your favourite playlist might have helped you burn that extra calorie in the gym or taken you through hours of sleepless nights. But lets admit it, not knowing your next track or the process of music discovery is more exciting. I have been checking out a lot of music apps lately on my new Android phone and I have picked out top 4 free...
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O&M Acquires Majority Stake In PennyWise

Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) has recently acquired majority stake in Hyderabad based PennyWise Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The exact details of the deal haven’t been made public, but PennyWise, a decade old Digital Technology Company is apparently as diverse as the parent company. O&M’s interest in PennyWise can be attributed to the multi-dimensional approach that the company has chosen to take....
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Kerala Government Announces Rs 500 Cr Annual Provision For Student Entrepreneurs

With the aim to assist budding entrepreneurs for their future ventures, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has allocated an amount of INR 500 crores. He announced the same via Google Hangout to large number of college students. Chandy also mentioned that entrepreneurship development projects in the fields of information technology and telecommunications would be extended to agriculture, health,...
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Microsoft Testing Siri Like Voice Recognition Service ‘Cortana’

Personal assistant or voice recognition service has become an important feature that users expect in a smartphone. Apple was the first company to launch such a service with its own personal assistant ‘Siri’. Google then followed and rolled out Google Now. Now, according to reports from Zdnet, Microsoft is testing a new plan to release Cortana, a new voice-enabled personal assistant program,...
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Twitter Going Public, Files For IPO

Twitter is following Facebook’s footsteps and going public. The popular micro blogging platform has filed for for an initial public offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Twitter announced the news offcourse via its @Twitter feed, ”We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities...
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